Who we are..?
DAJ PET d.o.o. |  bazeni i adaptacije prostora


Creativity enables us to perform your idea into visible details with which you want to achieve a certain atmosphere or a certain effect. The maximum adjustment and fitting the decor around the area or object, respecting your ideas and the purpose of the space, which is a feature of our recognition. - Company director: Dražen Vukelić

Quality and Responsibility

Our company is a modern and socially responsible company. Corporate values that we use in daily operations, not only inspired by the desire for business success, but also an expression of genuine concern for people, the environment and improving the quality of life of the community in which it operates. Great attention is paid to training and monitoring innovations in the market works and materials, and we are able to offer innovative solutions.


Thanks to continuous investment in business development,  you can get useful tips related to your landscaping and professional assistance when choosing the scope of work or the quality of the material. Our work is done professionally and with multi-year warranty what makes us a reliable partner  for many private and business users what is showen in  number of relevant references. The values on which we base the success are  quality, commitment, responsibility and understanding the needs of our customers





All work is done in accordance with existing norms and rules of the profession and we give adequate guarantee in the declared period which depends on the type of work. We are sure that in a given period, or even after the warranty expires, you will not have any complaints about the quality of work, but if you contact us in order to reclamation for the works - we will determine the cause of the complaint as soon as possible and if it is caused by our fault or neglect, we will solve it immediately.